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How To Choose A Supplier When Buying Moissanite Jewelry

If you are interested in buying moissanite jewelry at wholesale prices, it is important that you find a great supplier. The company you choose to work with will have a direct impact on the quality of the products you purchase.

Here are some pointers that will help you make the best decision.

Consider The Country Of Origin

While many people are not very keen on doing business with international suppliers, this is usually a great idea when it comes to buying wholesale jewelry. Asian countries in particular are well known for the quality of the items they produce. From China and Thailand to Indonesia and India, there are many suppliers all over the region that can offer you decent jewelry at prices that cannot be beat via platforms like Alibaba.

Head To A Trade Show

Moissanite Engagement Rings at JCK Las VegasWhen you are having a difficult time finding a great supplier, your next move should be to head to places where they are likely to frequent. Trade shows are a solid place to come into contact with those who sell silver on the cheap.

For example, frequenting a current JCK event for sourcing new moissanite engagement rings turned up this vendor:

It makes it well worth your while when you source vendors like that. Without attending the trade show, there’s really no way that you would make many of these connections.

Even if you do not find them directly, you can speak to some of the vendors and *-chat about the manufacturers they get their wares from. You may have to go to several trade shows in order to build a veritable list of options, but this should prove to be quite beneficial to you.

Price Vs. Quality

Quality Vs Cheap PricesYour goal should be to find jewelry that is well-made, yet you should be aware that better quality tends to raise the price of the items you are looking for.

In most cases, bargain basement prices reflect the quality of jewelry you can expect to get. The key is to find a good balance of these two factors.

Ideally, you should pay a price that makes you feel like you received a solid deal, but at the same time, you want to buy items that are not so cheaply made that you will feel as if you have gotten swindled.

The best advice we can give here is shop around and compare all aspects before spending your money.

Determine What They Sell

As everyone should know, dealing with different suppliers means that you will have many different items available to you. It is a good idea to peruse any catalogs or availability lists to see if they offer many items that appeal to you. For instance, if you are interested in mid-range items that have a more casual feel, you would be wasting time considering someone who sells things that are fancy and a bit high-end.

After figuring out whether they sell the type of products you are after, you should buy a few sample items to make sure that they are to your liking. You don’t want to make a huge purchase and spend a lot of money only to realize that you are not pleased with what they are offering. Return policies should also be established

Finding a wholesale moissanite jewelry supplier ind decent quality jewelry should not be the most complicated task in the world. As long as you use this advice when you are hunting, you should find one you will be satisfied with.

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As an experienced and professional jewelers, passionately working with gold and diamond jewelry for decades, fulfilling various customers’ wishes regarding shapes, materials, designs and unique details, we are quite familiar with the most common questions, demands and jewelry lovers and owners deal with. Keeping your gold and diamonds clean and sparkling over the years is one of them.


Here are some professional advice and simple tips how to clean your jewelry using available tools and ingredients.

There’s no such a thing like rust on your golden pieces of jewelry, but the dirt will accumulate due to carrying and use.

how-to-clean-jewelryTreating your gold with liquid dish detergent and sodium-free water will take all the dirt off. Careful, though, with water temperature, because hot or boiling water can damage some precious stones combined with gold. A common toothbrush comes handy when trying to bring back the amazing color and shine to your jewelry. Use very soft brushes to avoid damaging the surface and patiently clear each piece of jewelry you have.

Another effective approach is to use a soft cloth for blot dry cleaning. Make sure to dry each piece of jewelry before wearing it again. Rinsing gold under running water can fight the dirt as well, but again, stay away from hot water and air dry jewel for some time after the process.

One would think that diamond is resistant to pretty much anything except to another diamond, but the truth is that dirt and oils do accumulate over the time even on the surface of these incredible natural substances. Bringing back the sparkling appeal under the surface layer of grease on your diamonds can, also, be easily done with just a few tricks, using common household devices.

Cleaning-Your-DiamondsTo keep your diamonds intensively shining you have to maintain them at least once a month. In just a few minutes, using tap water and several drops of liquid dish soap as a degreasing solution will keep your pieces of jewelry fresh and brand new. Scrubbing it with a highly soft toothbrush, watching for fragile details, will do the job perfectly.

Many pieces of jewelry offer special gem cloth for your gold and diamond jewelry pieces, sometimes even for free, given when a piece of jewel is bought.

A common mistake some jewelry owners make is an attempt of cleaning jewel pieces with some aggressive solutions, such as bleach. Most of these solutions are dangerous and may damage the surface of the jewel making erosions or cracks on the places where details are alloyed.

412BGXrn4T1LJewelry industry has produced special cleaners based on the use of low-frequency sound waves that can remove even obdurate dirt from the tricky places and angles on the jewel. These devices are highly effective, and their effect lasts for a long time, but make sure to study the instructions and guidelines thoroughly, especially if your diamond jewel includes details made of some other materials aside diamond.

The best and the safest approach is certainly to take your collection of gold and diamonds to your jeweler and have him clean it for you in an experienced and professional way. It will keep you assured you will get back your precious pieces shining and their beauty lasting over the years.

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luciousThere is the funny quote saying that if there weren’t for women,  diamonds would be just a stone. However provocative it may sound, it is not true. Ok, it’s maybe exaggeration to claim that diamonds are woman’s best friends, but there’s no doubt nature can carve magical shapes and offer astonishing material for valuable treasures.

Gold and diamonds, as well as all sorts of gems, are rare and pretty unique, so every piece of jewelry made of these materials is highly valuable itself. Given as a present for some important date and occasion, it marks the moment, gives a long lasting value to it and serves as a beautiful symbol and memory. The price of these precious little things has never been low, but it’s not unaffordable, and it certainly pays off considering the actual and symbolic value of the jewelry.

tumblr_neojebVQ731ro5jd6o1_500 So, whether you are soon to be a bride, or looking for a present for a special person, a gift for child’s birth, anniversary, engagement or want to regale yourself with something extraordinary, Gold & Diamond Jeweler offers you a wide collection of various amazing pieces for all occasions.

Depending on what you are looking for, we offer you numerous earrings, charms, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and brooches. Some of these pieces are unique and go as a single piece of jewelry; some are combined in the set, such as necklace and ring, necklace and earrings, earrings and bracelet and similar. We have sorted jewelry collections suitable for young women, elder women or adapted to serve as a gift for mother, daughter, sister, wife or friend.

tumblr_inline_mxxb49eFaV1ss0t8eWhen wandering through our rich collections, you may adjust the exact feature of the jewelry piece you are looking for. You may choose gold or stone type, a color, shape, and weight of the stone. Aside classic golden pieces of jewelry, diamonds are second most attractive. But you may also choose among gems, such as sapphire, ruby or emerald. Some pieces are made of pure gold, and some are combined with gems. There are filters allowing you to list products according to a price, occasion, even according to her life and dressing style. Some pieces of jewelry are categorized as classic, others suit sophisticated women, others are for romantic or modern and independent ladies.

We are even ready to hear your description of her personality and try to offer you the best piece of jewelry suitable for that profile of a person.

tumblr_mdvghnbV571rnkug2Gold is sort of traditional and classic and diamonds are usually exotic gifts, but Gold and Diamond Jeweler offers you almost thousand unique jewelry pieces to choose from. Whatever occasion you are celebrating, even if you’re buying a gift just like that, with no other reason except giving attention and expressing feelings towards someone, we can certainly help you find the right present for your special moment.

Make a stylish choice and pick a present that carries a symbolic meaning to you and the person you are buying it for and you’ll get an outstanding memory and captured moment into a valuable piece of beauty.

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Meaningful details are what makes every picture and style complete. Especially when it comes to dressing. There is a whole magical world of jewelry passionately using beautiful materials from the nature to produce astonishing accessories for women. Gold, diamond and other pieces of gems are so much more than just the accessories and play a bigger role than a simple decoration. As a perfect present for any important occasion to some intimate or significant person, these precious things mark out special moments in life and carry rich symbolic of the relationship between two people.

bb3378b689e7361a644ccb5037c9ffb8Gold and Diamond Jeweler is a workshop with years of tradition and a great reputation among customers dedicated to designing, producing and selling an amazing variety of jewelry pieces for all occasions.

Gold jewelry is a classic present, always elegant and effective and you will find pieces made out of yellow, white and rose gold in out collection. The collection includes from 9 to 24 karats golden pieces. Beautiful earrings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches, sold as a single piece or combined in the set are a wonderful present for every woman.

natural_gemsOn the other hand, workshops are always intriguing. If you want to add the glamorous touch to your styling through few details, buy a quite precious gift to someone. Or simply enrich your special outfit with the modern design of these timeless pieces of jewelry, you will certainly find a piece that suits best your wishes and needs among several thousand pieces to choose from in our collection. Our assortment includes diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, even watches decorated with small diamonds. Aside Diamonds, Gold and Diamond Jeweler offers you variety of gems, including emerald, ruby, sapphire, blue topaz and aquamarine in all forms of jewelry, pure or combined with gold and diamonds.

Diamond+Jewelry+Gift+Ideas+Motek+Diamonds+Dallas+TxAll our products are listed according to a price, occasion, and style. You may adjust settings when searching for the adequate product depending on whether you are buying a wedding jewelry, for an anniversary, engagement, child birth or just as “no particular reason” gift for someone significant.

Opposite to common thing to think of women when talking about jewelry, we have a wide range of jewelry pieces designed for men.

We are always keeping or products updated and following the latest fashion jewelry trends, even offering fresh collections for current seasons. Several hundreds of our jewelry pieces are unique and highly valuable, thus real delicacy for jewelry collectors and passionate jewelry lovers.

Hot-Sale-New-design-necklace-for-Bridegroom-cheap-fashion-jewelry-nacklace-italy-925-silver-chain-personalizedIf arranged with a client, we offer you a personalized design and production of jewelry piece made according to the personal demands and adjusted to one specific person. This is particularly handy for a special occasion, such as weddings, because all pieces of crafted jewelry can be engraved with the desired message or designed to carry other specific intimate details and consequentially have greater meaning and personal influence to the owners.

Whatever occasion or motive drives you to buy a piece or a full set of gold or diamond jewelry, you will find what suits your wishes best at one place, within our workshop. This beautiful journey will be the way to add a finishing touch to your special styling or special moment in life.


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Gold JewelleryGold and diamonds are timeless. Fashion styles vary and change over seasons, but these magical details meant to stylize your outfit and bring a special final touch to it will never get outdated. On the other hand, giving them as a present to someone significant in your life or using them to celebrate unique moments in your life is a kind of investment that pays off and rewards over the years to come. These marvelous materials given by nature are fantastic when raw, but completely breathtaking when modernly designed in various styles.

Knowing a great importance these pieces of pure beauty can carry and working with passion, admiring towards natural beauties and with professionalism, out jewelry developed years of traditions and a great reputation among jewelry lovers and anyone who has ever found the desired gift in our collection.

image_21253Combining a work of creative jeweler designers and experienced jewelers, we create a wide collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches, pendants and charms made out of various materials. Mostly we produce gold and diamond jewels, but all other sorts of gems are available, including sapphire, ruby, emerald and topaz.

Golden jewelry comes in all shapes, made of yellow, rose or white gold. Both, gold and diamond jewelry can vary from nine to 24 karats.

The short preview of all the treasures we offer you is exposed here, listed according to the price, material, brand, occasion or style. Adjust the filter according to the features of jewelry pieces you are looking for and wander through out amazing collection counting several hundred unique pieces.

rings-wedding_00367295You will find special collections meant for weddings, engagements, anniversaries or childbirths. Some of these pieces are sold as a single jewel; some are combined into jewelry sets adapted for given occasion and atmosphere. Wedding rings are paired, with the slightly different design of man’s and woman’s piece, or they may come as completely equal.

If you are looking for a proposal ring, there are lists of available copies grouped according to the style and design. If the significant lady is elegant and sophisticated or powerful and independent, romantic or sentimental, there is certainly golden, diamond or combined ring that fits her style best. If you cannot judge the style precisely, our experienced jewelers can help you choose from the wide collection if you give us a profile of her personality and some main characteristics.

Fashion-Jewelry-male-Super-AAA-Purple-Amethyst-rings-Cz-18K-Yellow-Gold-Filled-Wedding-Ring-GiftIf you are buying a present for significant Him, men’s jewelry is included in our assortment as well. From bracelets and rings to watches and tie pins made of or covered with gold or diamonds.

Some collections of jewelry pieces are meant for dear people who are not intimate partners. If you are looking for a present for mother, sister, daughter or anyone else important enough to get some of these precious things as a gift, you will find specially designed pieces in all shapes and forms.

If you want to personalize your jewelry, our jewelers will engrave intimate details or messages meaning something important to you and design a ring or bracelet or necklace as a unique, according to you wishes and instructions.

Add a sparkling detail to your special moment chosen from out valuable collection and it will certainly reward over the years.


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