As an experienced and professional jewelers, passionately working with gold and diamond jewelry for decades, fulfilling various customers’ wishes regarding shapes, materials, designs and unique details, we are quite familiar with the most common questions, demands and jewelry lovers and owners deal with. Keeping your gold and diamonds clean and sparkling over the years is one of them.


Here are some professional advice and simple tips how to clean your jewelry using available tools and ingredients.

There’s no such a thing like rust on your golden pieces of jewelry, but the dirt will accumulate due to carrying and use.

how-to-clean-jewelryTreating your gold with liquid dish detergent and sodium-free water will take all the dirt off. Careful, though, with water temperature, because hot or boiling water can damage some precious stones combined with gold. A common toothbrush comes handy when trying to bring back the amazing color and shine to your jewelry. Use very soft brushes to avoid damaging the surface and patiently clear each piece of jewelry you have.

Another effective approach is to use a soft cloth for blot dry cleaning. Make sure to dry each piece of jewelry before wearing it again. Rinsing gold under running water can fight the dirt as well, but again, stay away from hot water and air dry jewel for some time after the process.

One would think that diamond is resistant to pretty much anything except to another diamond, but the truth is that dirt and oils do accumulate over the time even on the surface of these incredible natural substances. Bringing back the sparkling appeal under the surface layer of grease on your diamonds can, also, be easily done with just a few tricks, using common household devices.

Cleaning-Your-DiamondsTo keep your diamonds intensively shining you have to maintain them at least once a month. In just a few minutes, using tap water and several drops of liquid dish soap as a degreasing solution will keep your pieces of jewelry fresh and brand new. Scrubbing it with a highly soft toothbrush, watching for fragile details, will do the job perfectly.

Many pieces of jewelry offer special gem cloth for your gold and diamond jewelry pieces, sometimes even for free, given when a piece of jewel is bought.

A common mistake some jewelry owners make is an attempt of cleaning jewel pieces with some aggressive solutions, such as bleach. Most of these solutions are dangerous and may damage the surface of the jewel making erosions or cracks on the places where details are alloyed.

412BGXrn4T1LJewelry industry has produced special cleaners based on the use of low-frequency sound waves that can remove even obdurate dirt from the tricky places and angles on the jewel. These devices are highly effective, and their effect lasts for a long time, but make sure to study the instructions and guidelines thoroughly, especially if your diamond jewel includes details made of some other materials aside diamond.

The best and the safest approach is certainly to take your collection of gold and diamonds to your jeweler and have him clean it for you in an experienced and professional way. It will keep you assured you will get back your precious pieces shining and their beauty lasting over the years.

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